SAG/14 | Production Company
SAG/14 | Production Company

The Crew

Frank Juarez Founder/Cinematographer

Meticulous cinematographer with invaluable experience in storytelling, camera work, lighting, and creative direction.

Bobby Javier Managing Partner/Client Relations

Strong communicator with indisputable expertise working with clients through every stage of the production.

Chris Juarez Project Manager

Strategic thinker with a decade of experience in building teams and managing projects to completion.

Chiba Squirrel Patrol Ambassador

Excellent at maintaining unwanted animals near our office.

what we do

We tell stories, yours and ours, from behind and in front of the camera lens.

We are a full-service Production Company founded upon a singular principle: giving other voices an equal opportunity to be expressed in today’s ever changing world. We strongly embrace diversity on screen, encouraging everyone to share their stories with no limits. 


Continuously, we are inspired by the art that surrounds us! Paintings, literature, crafts, nature, photography, street art, pop culture, music – everything inspires us! Beyond all that, we are inspired by your story, your heritage, your culture, your life experience!

how we do it

By getting to know you.

Be comfortable. Let’s have a cup of coffee!

We are committed to listening to and understanding your story and vision.

Let’s share a meal and we will have more time to visualize your project. The more we connect, the closer we are to turning your vision into reality.



From pages of the script to the final film, we work with our team on all aspects of filmmaking.

Music Videos

We work with you to conceptualize the artistic visuals to pair with your music.


True to life stories are compelling; everyday people are compelling! There’s drama in all that and we want to tell your story.


Creative collaboration from start to finish to make an advert that stands out from the crowd.


"Amazing folks, I loved working with them. They understood what we wanted and worked super hard to make it a reality. I will definitely work with them again and highly recommend Frank's team."

Raj Sahu Utobo CEO

“I couldn't be more satisfied with the work Frank and Bobby did for my business sizzle reel. They were punctual, communicative and totally got the objective and the vision. They delivered on time and exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!”

Chelsea Layna GBeat CEO

“They are just incredible!!! Amazing company to work with. Creative and Talented!"

Renata Diniz

"The team at SAG14 are absolute pros! Very knowledgeable about their craft but still warm and welcoming. I loved working with them. Would definitely recommend!"

Ben Coelho