founder, creative director |

(director of photography & Part 107 Licensed drone pilot) 

Frank is a trained actor and studied at the prestigious Guildford School of Acting in Surrey, UK. While across the pond, he discovered his hidden passion for cinematography. Film sets became his playground and the camera, his favorite toy. 


Inevitably, this paved the way for SAG/14 Production Company. 


In 2019, self-taught and with fresh ideas, he shot the short “Rizo” as the DP.  “Rizo” was one of the winners of the HBO Latino Film Competition in 2020 and will be available for streaming on HBO Max beginning April 2021. 


As the Founder and Creative Director of SAG/14, Frank envisions every project with clarity, from start to finish. A natural collaborator, he works with other creatives with a passion for excellence and a meticulous eye. 


Not one to sit on his laurels, he continues to learn new techniques and seeks to improve his craft. You'll find him working not only on shorts but also on documentaries, music videos, promotional videos, and whatnot. If it can be shot with a camera, Frank is there! 


When he’s not doing all that, Frank enjoys his downtime with a good book or playing Smash Brothers Ultimate, or, sipping a cappuccino from La Colombe (two sugars, please!).

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Bobby is the brains behind the operation of SAG/14 Production Company. Bobby's excellent personable communication skills lend to his credibility as a person who knows how to build trusting relationships. He has vast experience working with major companies assisting in their development and growth. 

Bobby's main focus is to ensure the clients we work with are confident in what we as a company have to offer. The best way Bobby accomplishes this is through a bellyful of laughter and sheer sincerity in his eyes when he connects with you. 

Bobby like Frank enjoys a delicious cup of coffee from La Colombe but, the milk has to be oat! And Latte Style!